LHP Provides cutting-edge logistics and brokerage services throughout the United States, we specialize in less-than-load(LTL) and intermodal shipments. You may submit your load on-line, track it’s progress online and even perform paperless transactions so moving freight is easier than ever.

LHP is EDI Capable

  • 204 Load tendering
  • 210 Freight bill
  • 214 Shipment status
  • 820 Remittance
  • 990 Tender response
  • 997 Acknowledgements

TDCC M2/4 thru M2/8 ANSIx.12 3020 thru 3050 LHP uses IBM’s AS400 Black Box system because the advantages are:

  • It’s Faster
  • It’s Redundant
  • There is no down time
  • It has Emergency Capabilities
  • It uses U.P.S. (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

LHP can Track and Trace Customer Shipments

LHP uses technology, computers, and satellite tracking systems that enable LHP associates to provide detailed load data to you almost instantly.